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Business restructuring

We carry out an exhaustive and thorough examination of our clients’ corporate documents and contracts in order to identify opportunities and commercial risks regarding their tax consequences, allowing for timely decision-making around the business organization as it faces different scenarios, such as incorporating, modifying, transforming and merging of companies; asset purchases and sales; and, the simplification of corporate structures, among others.

Personal estate planning

We offer comprehensive and professional advisory services in the management and economic planning of the personal estate of our clients by implementing decisions that would minimize risks and allow an optimum design and structuring of their monetary and non-monetary assets.

Legal tax structuring of business models

Our team performs a detailed and concrete analysis of the appropriate corporate design vis-à-vis current civil and commercial legislation, determining a business model or type that best suits our clients’ objectives, resulting in an optimization of their economic, financial and, particularly, their tax results.


We provide services related to administrative actions carried out before the Internal Revenue Service (SII), be they subpoenas, lines of business, settlements and appraisals, along with the processing of administrative Tax Audit Procedures, such as Audit Action Reviews (RAF) or Voluntary Administrative Tax Replenishments (RAV). Additionally, our law firm provides advice in submitting, processing and litigating tax claims before Customs Tax Courts, Courts of Appeal and  the Supreme Court.

Real estate law

Our lawyers advice our portfolio in all legal aspects related to real estate project strategies, development and management, whether regarding property subdivisions, acts and applications before applicable entities, such the SAG, SII and the Registrar of Lands, among others, in negotiations, business closings, promises and purchase bids, along with complying with current Co-Ownership Regulations, Law and General Urban Planning and Construction Ordinance, among other related regulations.

Real estate taxation

Zycia Abogados provides effective and creative consulting services, in accordance with the various accounting/tax incidents of the real estate sector and the development of their projects in line with the treatment of the value added tax law, also carrying out real estate purchase/sale and lease operations, complying with existing regulations before the corresponding authority and the appropriateness of their business with respect to our clients’ tax requirements, always considering the greatest value or capital gain according to the Income Tax Law.


International taxation and foreign investments

This area develops the inbound and outbound strategy of the operations, international double taxation agreements and their taxation in each case, either in operating or passive-state companies. We also advice our clients regarding the acquisition of tangible and non-tangible assets from persons domiciled or residing in Chile and abroad.

Establishing the most appropriate way to invest, including the incorporation of the appropriate corporate type in order to comply with national and foreign regulations that may become involved during the management of our clients’ business models, maximizing all kinds of benefits and reducing risks inherent to their line of business.

Ad-hoc judicial matters

Our firm also advises its clients on various civil and commercial matters through the professional and specialized processing of all applicable judicial instances in order to secure a timely solution of controversies and disputes, including arbitration.